Saturday, January 31, 2009

How Firm a Foundation

Special thanks to Arizona Girl for the awesome brick idea, I loved it and borrowed it. I think I'll use some hard core magnets to keep them on the white board. We're going to build our house up, then I'll toss a paper roof on top once our foundation is laid.
Also thanks to the idea on Primusic (the Yahoo group) (at least I think that's where I read the idea), which tossed out the idea of using Uno Attack to spit out cards to primary kids to get them all involved. I don't have Uno Attack, but I started making cards as if I was going to go buy it. Now that I think about it, I won't since we rarely even use our regular Uno game. So, I'm going to use the following cards as a game once we learn the first verse.
As you can see, I had some trivia cards (thanks to the Primusic group for the first few trivia questions - they came up with those), some "take away" cards (which comes from Arizona Girl's idea of turning around the bricks as the kids learn the words), some "Mix it up" cards, word king, hide-the-note, "music moment" (the repeat signs were another idea by Arizona girl & I thought today would be a good day to teach about those. Also can use the music leading instruction I taught last month for this category), and vocab/spelling (the vocab questions will hopefully help clarify some harder words that have multiple meanings).

1. Trivia: what kind of foundation should we have?
2. Trivia: What sentence is repeated 3 times?
3. trivia: How will Heavenly Father give us aid? (name 1 unnamed of the 3 promises)
4. trivia: how will Heavenly Father give us aid? (name 1 unnamed of the 3 promises)
5. trivia: how will heavenly father give us aid? (name 1 unnamed of 3 promises)
1. Take away 1 word
2. take away 2 words
3. take away 3 words
4. take away 4 words
5. take away 5 words
1. Mix it up!!! Mix up one line and you put it back together while we sing through it.
2. Mix it up!!! Mix up one line and you put it back together while we sing through it.
3. Mix it up!!! Mix up one line and you put it back together while we sing through it.
4. Mix it up!!! Mix up one line and you put it back together while we sing through it.
5. Mix it up!!! Mix up one line and you put it back together while we sing through it.
1. Word King
2. Word King
3. Word King
4. Word King
5. Word King
1. Hide the Note
2. Hide the Note
3. Hide the Note
4. Hide the Note
5. Hide the Note
1. Music moment: draw a repeat sign for me.
2. music moment: guess how many beats per measure?
3. music moment: Show me how to conduct one measure. I’ll draw it on the board.
4. Music moment: you or your teacher gets to lead us in singing the song one time!
5. Music moment: Let’s work on our crescendo and decrescendo. Start every other line <>
1. Vocab time: Define “refuge” as used in this song
2. Vocab time: define “laid” as used in this song
3. vocab time: define what “His excellent word” might be, as used in this song.
4. Spelling time: can you spell the fourth row, 2nd brick word correctly (not like sis. Carp spelled it)
5. Spelling time: can you spell the word used twice with a black background and a yellow number on it (the real way, as used in the song)
6. Vocab time: define "fled" as used in this song


There's my general lesson plan. I'll refine and rerefine about a thousand times before tomorrow, but I thought I'd toss it up real quick with the general idea.


Arizona Girl said...

Hey, I've been using your site since I got this calling back in Aug. or so. You've given me some good ideas. And I am glad you are using some of my ideas too, that is the whole reason I post what I am going to do and what I did. Thanks for letting me know who you are, hope you are doing well.

Lindsay said...

I love this idea. I'm only a little confused because your trivia questions seem to go with the third verse not the first.

knockonwood said...

Thanks for your great idea and questions. How exactly did you use the questions and categories in a game? And what is a word king and hide a note? I was intrigued. Thanks again for sharing.

Nona said...

Can I just tell you, YOU ARE FABULOUS! I love all your ideas and am so thankful that you are willing to share them! I am a week behind so today was our first day on How Firm a Foundation. I did the blocks with out the game today and it was great. We learned the verse and then I had the kids remove a few of the blocks at a time.. they loved it... we will do the trivia next week. Thanks again for all of your great ideas! Oh and I we had Ward Confrence today and all of the Primary Stake Pres... were there... no but your idea was fantastic and they were impressed so thanks for helping... :)

Nona said...

We have been working on the first and third verse of this song all month and I think that I am going to take one more week on verse three... they still will start or sing the end of verse one during three... I have a little bit if a harder time because my Jr. & Sr. are both together we have a small ward. So today I put the blocks up in the lines but mixed up the block lines and had the older kids put them back in the right order while the piano player played the song in the background. The thing that I loved is that my younger kids that can not read were singing softly as the older kids put them in order, they followed along in thier own way. We focused most of the time on the 3rd verse, today I was blessed with almost 30 mins of singing time.. so about after 15 min of practice I broke the kids up into 2 groups and made sure to mix up the ages. Last night I made a karaoke cd and took my karaoke boombox and we had a Karaoke sing off... at first they weren't sure.. didn't want to get up in front and sing by themself. I left the blocks on the board. My scoring system was... if you were brave and got up you got an automatic 3 points. If you sang without the looking at the board you got 2 and if you had to peak you got 1. By the end of the 15 min. they all wanted to get up and sing... it was fun. At the first I even let 2 girls come up together... it kinda broke the ice. It was fun and I will be doing that again somehow in the future. I had a one of the teachers come up to me that happened to be the mother of the oldest boy that got up and sang she was so impressed and excited because she said that thier family is not the type that like to get up in front of people and sing. She said that they would never be able to get him to do something sing solo like that. It was fun. Ok now that I have wrote a book... LoL! Hope everyone has a beautiful day!