Monday, June 30, 2008

Watermelon Puzzle

Well, this one didn't go over as well as I hoped, but I think the afternoon church/out of school combo is the main culprit behind our primary's behavior (I hope it's not just me!).

Junior Primary:
I had eight pieces of a watermelon, the number of seeds on each piece designated which song we sang. They placed the piece up on the puzzle board (they were cut like puzzle pieces-ish) and we sang the song. (Actually, I always cheat and no matter what number they choose, have the pianist go down the list of songs in the order I predetermined to sing the songs in. Does that make sense? I was limited on my songs this week because the pianist was a sub and very uncomfortable at the bench. Man, I wish I could have switched spots with her, I love that calling!)
To step it up a notch, when reverent, we got to "spit" watermelon "seeds" to decide how we should sing the song. I had a giant pair of lips that the junior kids got to slide a "seed" (it was actually a black triangle/football that I folded up) onto a paper that had all the styles of singin on them. Today we included andante, a capella, sing on one foot, word king style, slide a seat, etc. on the sheet. I also taped all 12 of the ways to sing onto a serving tray I had so it would "catch" the watermelon "seed". In junior primary, we just slid the seed off the giant lips onto the serving tray. It was well received (the watermelon part was boring, but it got the job done), but the kids were crazy this week!!

Okay, on to Senior Primary...
The first thing senior primary said when I whipped out my watermelon was "that's cheesey"! It was awesome because I asked who thought it looked cheesey and no one would fess up to saying it! Then I told them that I agreed it was cheesey, but they had to do it because I liked to do it. So they chose a piece of watermelon, we actually sang the assigned song, and then I added the second element.
The kids got to "spit" the watermelon seed a little different in senior primary. We took the football and flicked it from the giant lips which were placed on a chair about 3 feet from the serving tray. They got 3 seeds (3 tries) to choose how we'd sing the song. If they didn't get it, I got to choose (which was awesome for our pianist, a capella, baby!). Senior loved the "spitting", as did I. It reminded me of all those times my brothers and I "listened" in church playing flick-football.

Nursery time!!!
The nursery was packed this week and so we barely got through our songs. I've been teaching "I Have Two Little Eyes That Blink, Blink, Blink" or something like that and made two giant eyes that "blink". I grabbed two paper bags and put the eyes (with eyelashes and all) under the flap, so they would open and close with my hands in them. Then I decided to make something to hold for the little ninos. I grabbed big popsicle sticks, glued on eyeballs made out of colorful little candies with black pupils drawn on. Then I added a nose and mouth with just marker on the stick. They're not the cutest, but they'll do. I only made 9 because we usually have about 5, but we had 10 this week, so we didn't all get to play with the popsicle stick eyeball men. That will be next week.

I will post my pictures later, the camera is now dead. I hope batteries are on sale.