Monday, February 2, 2009

How Firm a Foundation explanation

Okay, here's what I did with the quick idea I threw up on the blog the other day:

Junior: I brought "Pete the Repeat Parakeet" and we would put up one row of bricks at a time, then repeat in our best parakeet voices, then sing it. When we got bored, wiggly, confused, etc. we threw in an additional song too. To teach about what a foundation was, we sang "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man". To teach about "laid" (like a Mason lays a brick), we sang "Once there Was a Snowman" and ended up laying on the floor. We also sang "excellent word" several times because I told them it was cool that we got to stretch "excellent" over so many notes. Actually it was because they were already getting lost in the song and all the bricks. We didn't make it past that row of bricks, we were too out of it to keep going. When we needed a break, we also sang the first verse of "I Lived in Heaven", which they actually knew much better than I thought they would. Also, we sang a couple favorite wiggle songs to break up HFAF as well.

Senior: I laid the brick as if I were a Mason (and we talked a bit about foundations, sang "Wise Man & Foolish Man", talked about how my dad was a Mason when he was young and what I knew about Masonry - not much). As I laid a brick, they read out loud the word so we would have something to do while I put up all the words. Then we sang it one time through. Then I started passing around my bag full of the cards/category questions, etc. around the room. (I made them raise their right hand and vow not to hold it for longer than 2 seconds since a few kids like to be naughty). When the music stopped, they pull out a card and we do what it says.

I'll post about word king and hide the note later, but I'm late to work for now. Sugardoodle or Primusic should have those two games defined...


galbraiths said...

it is so hard to keep the jr primary from losing interest in learning. i am struggling with that right now. thanks again for sharing your ideas though!!!! I am in need of serious creative help!!

THE DUFFS said...

You don't know me, but I look at your blog all the time for ideas in singing time. I have a weird request for you. Your blog and julie's singing time were my favorites, but julie made her's private. I noticed that you have her blog on your friends, so I was wondering if you could ask her (if you know her) if she could invite me if she is willing. Thanks for your help with this, primary chorister is a hard job, and I appreciate all the help!!! You're great.

Carrie Carp said...

Nope, I'm not Julie's friend. Sorry!