Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Lived in Heaven: week 2

Junior Primary:
Got a call from the presidency member who’s in charge of sharing time tomorrow and she’d like to combine both sharing and singing this week, as we’re supposed to be doing. Hopefully singing and sharing time will be all together the whole time, so I won’t have to do much singing time by itself. During sharing time, we are to sing “I Will Follow God’s Plan” (164) and “I Lived in Heaven” (4). Also, we’re to sing a missionary song (“I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” 169), a family song (“Families Can be Together Forever” 188 or “Love is Spoken Here” 190), and a service song (“Called to Serve” 174). I’ll be getting a cheat sheet for “IWFGP” since I don’t know how well we know it. (Thanks, Jolly Jenn:
If we do have additional singing time, we can continue with verse 2 since junior sort of went over it, though I doubt they will remember any of it. We did the “play” last week, but I thought we could sing the verse a few times with some games and then do the play again, but ask the questions to the group every now and then and see if they know the next line.
Activities to review verse 2:
Pass out one line to each class and have them learn their line really well. Then hopefully each class can sing their line by themselves at least one time through. Maybe we’ll have one class stand up in front and the rest of the groups will sing all the other lines except the class’s line. So if class 6 has the line about “There was another who sought for the honor divine,” we’ll sing the first, second, and fourth lines around it while that class only sings the third.
As we sing through the verse each time and pass off the line that the class is to sing, I’ll let them place a note on a musical staff (only one measure) I’ll draw on the board. If we can get all four lines, we can have a whole measure of music for our pianist to play! Our awesome composition ought to be very interesting…

Senior Primary:
We’ll just work on memorizing verse 2 and then start on 3 if we have lots of time. So, we can use the “skit” from last week since we only got to do the first verse. We can also do the blue/black back-n-forth game with the word strips from the “skit” thing. If that’s not fun, we can try out the notes/measure activity.
Also wanted to review 6/8 time… that’s a fun one. I thought I’d have the kids listen as Sis. Lofgren plays the song (I Lived in Heaven #4) through and I’d ask how many beats they can hear in each measure. (We might want to do this after the measure/note game above so they can see what a measure is and stuff. Unfortunately, I just did two quarter notes, a half note, and a whole note, so the board’s measure will be 6/4 time instead – that’s hard to explain, so I might just skip it, I’m not sure what I’ll do.) Anyway, I’m sure someone will hear that there’s 6 beats per measure, then we can try to learn a bit about conducting 6/8 time, then some helpers who’re interested can do the leading so I can have a break every once in a while. Whew, a break sounds nice.


The Waters Family said...

Thanks so much for your blog! I am a newish Primary Chorister and we did the "Skit" today! It was great! Now...I'm just searching for what to do next week! :)

Valorie said...

Your ideas are helping me so much this week (just like they have so many times)! Thanks for sharing your creativity with those of us challenged in that department!