Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution Tic-Tac-Toe

I called in sick last week to primary, as everyone at work decided to pass around some sort of stomach flu or something. However, I had a lesson ready to go. Sharing time went over, so they didn't need to use it, but it's still a fairly simple idea and I LOVE simple ideas after years of primary chorister-ing!

Chop up a bunch of X's and a bunch of O's and number 9 squares 1 through 9. Behind the squares goes the different page numbers to songs and one little phrase from that song that could be really great goals (or resolutions) for the new year. I wanted to do a "top ten" songs chosen by the primary kids for the year, but basically the kids just choose whatever we sang last week when I ask them their favorites, so I just wrote down several they chose from the snow ball day a few weeks ago. Here was our songs and phrases that could pass as resolutions:

  1. A Child's Prayer, p. 12: "In prayer, I'm coming now to thee"
  2. Sunbeam p. 60: "Shine for Him each day" or "...try to please Him"
  3. Once There Was a Sonwman, p. 249: stand "tall, tall, tall"
  4. Book of Mormon Stories, p. 118: "We must brother's be..."
  5. My Hands, p. 273: "Just see how quet they can be"
  6. I Am a Child of God, p. 2: "Learn to do His will"
  7. Armies of Helaman, p. 172: "...we understand, that we must do as the Lord commands"
  8. Scripture Power: "...I'm changing what I'll be..."
  9. Your teacher's favorite song

When X or O chooses a number, then I read off the "resolution phrase" and if they can figure out the song they get to place their X or O in the square. If not, we move on or whatever. When they guess the right one, we sing it and then hopefully talk about the resolution/goal and how to achieve that goal of being a little bit better. Fun stuff.

I don't know if it works well, but thought I'd put it on the blog for those of us who occasionally wait until the eleventh hour to plan a lesson! Shoot, it's still the first month of the year, it's not too late to make 2009 resolutions... I am the queen of celebrating holidays/etc. after the actual holiday!


galbraiths said...

very cute. I love that

Carrie Carp said...

to add:
very helpful.