Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This was the plan:

Last Sunday we reviewed a bunch again. Here's a quick overview. Pictures would help explain, maybe I'll post some.

Here was the original plan (which changed considerably):

JR: 3:10-3:30
Junior needs special help on:
Tell Me the Stories verse 2
Tell Me the Stories verse 3
When Jesus Christ was Baptized verse 2
If the Savior Stood verse 2
If the Savior Stood verse 3
We Thank Thee O God verse 1
I Love to See the Temple verse 2
Home verse 3
Home verse 2
Home verse 1
I am a Child of God verse 4
If the Savior Stood verse 1

And probably many more, but we’ll focus on these ones. I stole Julie’s Singing Time’s 2nd verse for “Tell Me the Stories” verse 2, and then we have actions we use for verse 3. “When JC was B” second verse I have some ASL signs I started teaching, but I’m not sure how much they helped.
The kite idea was a success last week, so maybe I’ll use that one again. Maybe I’ll add some flip charts since we don’t know any songs. We can do actions too. Maybe we’ll even do some hot/cold in order to repeat the verse(s) once or twice.

SR: 3:55-4:14
Senior will get some words and we’ll rearrange, take away, etc.

I’ll go ahead and make it a giant puzzle, then when we complete the verses, we’ll play word king and hot/cold. Tons of fun.

“Tell Me the Stories” questions: Thank you, “A Children’s Songbook Companion” by Graham/GourleyShipp/Stewart
what is the word that means Jesus’ face had a special glow? (Lovelight)
what words describe Jsus’ words and deeds? (words full of kindness, deed full of grace acts of love)
what shall I imagine? (His blessings resting on me)
What do I want to hear first? (how the children stood round his knee)

v. 3:
1. what did Jesus do to the wind? (hushed the wind)
2. what did Jesus do to the billows? (chided (scolded))
3. what two words describe the Master? (ready and kind)
4. where was the boat tossing? (in a tempest on Galilee)
5. What do I want to be told in accents of wonder? (how rolled the sea) explain that accents of wonder means “words of amazement”

Monday, September 15, 2008

Note to self

As of Sunday, here's a list of the songs we really don't know:

Well, pretty much all of them, but the real challenges include...

  1. Tell Me the Stories verse 2
  2. Tell Me the Stories verse 3
  3. When Jesus Christ was Baptized verse 2
  4. If the Savior Stood verse 2
  5. If the Savior Stood verse 3

and maybe even...

  1. Called to Serve verse 2
  2. Home verse 3
  3. Home verse 2
  4. Home verse 1
  5. I am a Child of God verse 4
  6. We Thank Thee O God verse 1 (the only one we're doing there)
  7. If the Savior Stood verse 1
  8. I Love to See Temple verse 2 (need to work on ASL)

Well, that's pretty much all. Oh dang, we have a lot of work to do in the next two months.

How to learn these ones quickly: JUNIOR responds to actions. They love it and movement is the only thing that captures their attentions. SENIOR responds to real ASL signs. Actions aren't so exciting. They also like to read the songs word-for-word, but that's no bueno. TEACHERS do best when I have the words straight up written on the board or on pictures or something. But that's cheating, so I don't know what to do.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kite Review

Junior get's this idea from Christy's Clipart page:

KITES - This idea has been great for me and I have been able to use it several times. I took a poster board and made a huge colorful kite. I then made small colorful bows out of the poster board. On the back of the bows is a song to sing, They get to place the bow any where they want on the chalk board. The kite is on the chalk board as well. When singing time is all done we take the chalk and connect the bows. Sometimes the string gets crazy! Once I told them that when I got to primary and opened my bag, I tripped and the bows blew everywhere. I told them that I didn't know where they went and that I needed help finding them. They love a good game of finding!
--Elizabeth Prisbrey - Henderson, NV

Love it. Maybe I'll have each bow with a key phrase on it (sort of like how Julie's Singing Time did the key phrase game a while back). Then JR tries to figure out which verse of which program song has that key phrase in it, we'll sing it, then we'll put the bow on the board. Unfortuantely, I don't know if they can make it the whole time without some wiggle songs though. I've been contemplating making an apron with tons of pockets with a bunch of the more reverent wiggle songs in the pockets, then they can choose one. We'll see if I get that ambitious. I'll try to take pictures if that actually happens. For now, I need to study for my four tests next week. Seriously four. Come on, that's not cool.

Senior's probably going to get to play the straw blowing game from Sugardoodle:

I'll have straws in my coconut summer cup and different ways to sing taped onto the floor. They blow through the straws to find a song curled up inside the straw. Whatever "way to sing" paper the song lands on tells us what's next. If "Tell Me the Stories" lands on "Staccato/Legato" then that's what we'll do! We did it once before and the papers didn't always come out of the straw, so I'll have to figure out a better way to insert them.

Nursery is learning "Roll Your Hands", so maybe I'll use different words than slowly and swiftly, who knows? Maybe we'll do it as low-ly and up high or something much much cuter and funner. Or not. Other than that, I'm beat, so we'll do the same songs again and again. They won't know the difference.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Laundry Day

Reviewing program songs again today. We'll be matching up my clean socks, which will conveniently strewn around the primary room. Found this idea on the SWEET Christy's Clipart website. I had always ignored that site (I know I'm bad) because I thought it was just clipart and we can't really use that, you know? But I finally checked it out thanks to a suggestion from another blogger and it is awesome. This gal took a clothesline idea and expanded it to a matching the sock game. Naturally, I loved it and tried to adapt it to my primary.

JR primary plan:
First, one of the two socks is in my laundry basket. That sock has a prop that refers to one of the program songs. Here's my props inside the socks:

I am a Child of God (2): a giant "C" for child (lame, I know)
Tell me the Stories (57): Bible
Home(192): Marshmallow Fluff (long story, but I basically told the kids I love to eat Fluffernutters at home for lunch, so that represents the song "Home")
Love to see temple(95): some ginormous ugly glasses (see)
When Jesus Christ was B(102): a water bottle
We Thank Thee Oh God(H19): one of those R.S. manuals of a random latter day prophet
Called to Serve(174): husband's mish tag
If Savior Stood(book): a tiny newborn shoe from Old Navy

They choose one, then they help find the matching sock around the room so I can put the socks away when I get home. The 2nd socks have these "ways to sing" inside them:

I am a Child of God (2): in/out - sing out loud when I have the ball, think the words in your head when I toss it to you guys (thanks to Alpine Stake Website for the clarification on this idea)
Tell me the Stories (57):
Home(192): learn some new signs (like father, mother, Father, love, etc)
Love to see temple(95): 1st verse, 2nd verse
When Jesus Christ was B(102): 1st verse, all sing who have a missing tooth, 2nd verse can't remember
We Thank Thee Oh God(H19): can't remember
Called to Serve(174): can't remember
If Savior Stood(book): 1st verse: march (do), 2nd verse: can't remember, 3rd: same

SR plan:
I can either do part of my laundry game if the SR is fun today, or I can use these scrambled titles of the program songs (thank you, Sugardoodle) and just sing through the songs. SR's been pretty feisty lately, so I think I'll just have lame days from here on out. Ah hem, I mean I'll focus on reverence and steer clear from games. Who knows?

I Ma A Dichl fo Ogd

Letl Em Eth Isroset fo Sjeus

Fi Eth Rovasi Toods Bidsee Em

Ew Kanth Heet O Gdo Rof A Opherpt


I Vole Ot Ese Eth Lempet

Ledlac Ot Verse

Hnew Sjeus Stirch Saw Zapbited

A little bit of the same 'ol same 'ol. They'll love it.
2 green and speckled frogs, one little apple, itsy bitsy spider, i am a child of God, mary wore a dress, i am like a star, etc.
Ooh, I might want to teach them "Roll Your Hands" because I think they'd love it. We don't do a whole lot of songs from the Childrens Songbook and sometimes that makes me nervous that I should be doing more, so I'll try to slowly add a couple fun ones.