Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Thanks

Borrowed almost exclusively from today. "Thankful Jar" and "Thankerchief" were too cute and I am not opposed to celebrating holidays a week late. I'm usually about a week late in everything, so here's my thankful lesson one week late!

JR: 3:10-3:30

This Thanksgiving singing time was very successful in my ward. I typed up a bunch of slips that asks the children to tell about something they are thankful for. For example, "Name a food you are thankful for" and "Name something you can hear with your ears that you are thankful for" and so on. Then I attached songs to some of the ideas. "Tell something you are thankful for in your home...p. 192" I put all of the slips in a big clear plastic jar and made a label that said "Our Thankful Jar" with a little turkey below. The children pulled a slip of paper out of the jar. If a song was attached, we sang it. If there was no song, they answered the question and someone else got a turn. This made it so more children could participate. This was really easy and didn't involve much preparation. - Mindy Burns (sugardoodle)

The songs (I changed a few to what our pianist knows):
210 Daddy’s Homecoming
207 Mother I Love You
236 Give Said the Little Stream
188 Families Can Be Together Forever
275 Head, Shoulders, Knees
249 Once There Was a Snowman
192 Home
57 Tell Me the Stories
77 I Belong to the Church
146 Keep the Commandments
214 Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked
242 Popcorn Popping

Hopefully I'll post pictures later. We'll see...

Sr 3:55-4:15:
Pass a "thankerchief" around the primary room, as everyone recites this poem:THANKERCHIEF, THANKERCHIEF, AROUND YOU GO—
WHERE YOU'LL STOP, NOBODY KNOWS.BUT WHEN YOU DO, SOMEONE MUST SAY,WHAT THEY ARE THANKFUL FOR THIS DAY.The player holding the "thankerchief" when the poem ends, must say aloud, one thing for which they are thankful. This continues until everyone has had their turn. - Debbie Loveland (sugardoodle)

Whoever it lands on says what they're thankful for, then we come up with a song that has to do with that blessing.

Nursery: I might want to teach them "Roll Your Hands" because I think they'd love it.


CompleteLee Blogger said...

Thanks for your ideas. If you are interested, I have several of the Primary scriptures for the month put to song on my website that are free to use to help the kids learn. I have only a few for 2008, a bunch from 2007 and I plan to do all of them for 2009. I'll post more as I get them ready.